Friday, December 14, 2018


Things have been a little bit quieter around here lately because we've been finishing the science report for RAM and applying to HASP for RAM3.1 at the same time. We were on the fence about applying to HASP again but ultimately decided to not attempt a gap year and apply with a light experiment to address some of the failings from our project that we discovered while we were writing the science report. We want to test more cameras and do a more quantitative test of the ability for the APRIL tags to be read in extreme conditions. Our application was only 40 pages this year!

Jimmy and Julie were also busy preparing for the American Geophysical Union fall meeting. Jimmy represented his new job at NASA SCAN with a laser demo that he built.

Julie spoke at the Balloon Townhall meeting about the pipeline between scientific ballooning research at colleges and the NASA workforce. It was a brief talk but a great opportunity to meet some of the faces on the other side of the telecons.

Perhaps the biggest thrill if AGU was picking up the BPO calendar from the year and discovering that our project, RAM, was the photo for June! 

The team is excited to have everyone back for the holidays to meet up for a very official meeting full of nothing but work at the QShack. We'll take this brief lapse of work for HASP to recoup for the new year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

tUr on the radio!

Check out the fun interview we did with WCHL a few weeks ago: