Friday, March 4, 2016

Launch Readiness Review!

My team has worked so hard for the LRR and it paid off! 

Of course...because we're the best....we were the first team to present. :) 

Everyone did a great job with their parts of the project even though we had a rough start! 

It went an HOUR later than scheduled but we had a lot of good conversations with NASA in the middle. The students were amazing, the dinosaurs seemed to help ease nerves, and Doug  was very impressed. One of our systems was not 100% done so he rated us as a 3/5 but today we got that system fully online and now we're at a 5/5...ready for launch. He loved the wind and meteorological research that Naomi Becker is doing to predict our landing location and said that we should try to get it published.

Doug also said that he was very impressed with our professional presentation and all of the work that we've done. It was a very long, stressful process but it was worth it. 

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