Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I've been glued to my screen the last few days trying to catch the experiments that are launching before PIPER.

We had a little riffle of concern this morning when we heard that the BETTII flight had been postponed to next year because of the weather. I spent the morning in limbo, wondering if I should pack or research cancelling our plans. It was a RAVS. 

An email from Paul Mirel assured us that PIPER was still ready to fly and this was actually fortuitous for us because it meant that no one was in the queue ahead of PIPER so our odds of actually seeing PIPER launch were even better!

To celebrate, I've been watching LDB climb heavenward as I pack and obnoxiously emailing prntscrns of the progress to my friends and family.

ETA: We've changed our plans AGAIN! Now we're not leaving until Sunday. Stay tuned/alert.

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