Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This Just GOAT Serious

The Unacceptable Risks, comprised of students from UNC, NC State, NC Central and Durham Tech, convened on Sunday night via Google Hangouts to discuss research findings and decide what payload we want to submit for consideration to be included on NASA’s 2017 High Altitude Student Platform (HASP).

We reached a consensus to continue pursuing an atmospheric study, with sulfur dioxide (SO2) being the focal point of the research. We will be examining the results of a variety of SO2 collection methods, including using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), an Arduino sensor and two Ogawa samplers.  

Additionally, data on temperature, pressure, humidity and ozone (O3) would also be collected during our flight. Our submission will be called the Greenhouse, Ozone and Trace gas project, or, not so humbly, GOAT for short.

Upon the conclusion of the meeting, team members were given additional research assignments to complete before going on holiday. We intend to meet again on the Sunday following Thanksgiving for further discussions and to relay any new and pertinent information that may have been researched over the week.

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