Monday, August 7, 2017

More Photos from Integration

My throne. 

Working on BABI at the Off Site Durham Scientific Ballooning Facility

Dan inspects BABI

Dan with a good looking GOAT

We realized, at the worst possible time, that one of our cables was wired incorrectly and had to rewire it so that we could test our payload.

Excited to actually attempt integration. Finally.

It's the North Cack, baby we're the boss. Carolina BBQ sauce with the slaw.

A very early morning after a very late night.

Kapton tape and a flat head screwdriver...the two items that are the toughest to find when you need them.

Dan and I visiting our friend Rosemary.

After so much time watching CSBF on the computer and so much effort spent trying to earn a trip to visit it, it was surreal to actually BE there.

Munir's photo face <3 

Jimmy giving pump down commands so that our SPEC sensors don't sploosh their guts all over the place. 

SPACE PUP!!! Heart eyes emoji.

A new look for Munir.

HASP and the BEMCO

One of my favorite parts of the trip was this badge. I could use it to get on base after hours and beep open doors.

A hang test in action.

Jimmy putting the finishing touches on GOAT for shipment to Fort Sumner.

Totally knackered student team lead.



Eat at Shep's.

A Jimmy's Eye View

On our way home!

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