Monday, September 25, 2017


After a brief break from meetings we have reconvened to get back to work. The science report is in progress and we're planning to start the application for another year of HASP. This week the students have been charged with presenting their ideas for our next project. I was bowled over by how many creative ideas they had and how competitive they were during their presentations. Some of them took the professional attire a bit too seriously.

I am pleased we had so many great presentations! It was a rough week for tUR and it was great to focus on the work that matters to us.

And so many great titles.

Memes proposed that we become hugs for hire. I meant to write "thugs" because that makes sense but I actually wrote "hugs" and I'm going to leave it because it seems more true to our mission.

HDan proposed we send some dino DNA to near space.

Multi-Flexor proposed that we do a battery of tests.

Kieran got deep into theological territory and advocated for the search for Space Cat. 

Abandoned seemed confused about the prompt and performed Hamlet's soliloquy to thunderous applause. 

After the presentations we deliberated and discussed for over an hour. We decided on the top three candidates pretty quickly but then things devolved from there.

We decided to table the discussion in favor of more research this week. The top three ideas will keep refining their projects and sending the group articles and information to read. On Wednesday rebuttals will go out and the team will vote on Friday.

Also, a big shout out to Caramore Community for being our home away from home.


  1. How organized people are in this community and good to see that how they are putting their great effort on this work, keep it up guys and you all are doing a great work.

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