Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Swarmathon Code is in!

Two weeks ago we had some decent code. Last week it turned into promising code. This week we have something worthy of the competition. 

Testing was challenging again this year. The team worked within the bounds of the time we were allowed to be on campus. Obstacle avoidance takes on a new meaning when you have high winds, snow, and a severe lack of power cords in your testing arena.

Man's not hot (never hot) but he was pretty chilly on the last day of testing. Nothing like some late March snow/sleet to get the blood pumping for Swarmathon!

The team was caught unaware by a sudden cold snap and had to wear all of the coats I had been hoarding in my office.

Our final code was submitted at 11:58 pm. 

Now all we have left is the video, technical report, and outreach report!

Yee! Yee! 

Skkkkrrrrrrt. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! 

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