Monday, January 15, 2018

Nerd Paparazzi

I decided to take a break from badgering everyone with constant queries of "Hey, are you doing anything cool today? No? Why not? Do something cool." So I used my time incredibly wisely to roundup my favorite shots from our journey so far.

A man of eternal calm and serenity. I give you....Zen-cer.

This is pretty much how I see Dan in my head at all times.

Noah thinks he can escape my camera by sitting in the far corner of the lab, but he can't! And so far he's the one doing the most visually interesting work. (Take that, Noah!)

Soham, International Man of Mystery. Actually, it was FREEZING in DSBF and Soham was periodically checking the temp to confirm that yes, we were all in danger of becoming hypothermic.

I like to call this one "The HASP Supper". I think it belongs on r/accidentalrenaissance.

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