Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tie Creators

I got Jimmy a custom Unacceptable Risks tie from Tie Creators for his graduation. I am SO IMPRESSED with how it turned out. You can clearly read our logo on the tie! I was skeptical about the resolution of the logo before I ordered it but it turned out fantastic.

They had a ton of options to customize it, so of course I made sure to order a long tie for a tall guy. The color I ordered seemed true to what was on the website. You can even get custom ties in SILK.

I was the most impressed by their customer service. I was hesitant about the quality and I was worried about the tie not shipping in time (I was going to move to Colorado. It's a long story.) so Tie Creators worked with me to make sure I could get what I needed in time.

I'm thrilled and I would recommend them to everyone. I might have to order more because it is likely that this tie is going to get stolen.

Hopefully this tie will be the lucky charm that helps Jimmy land his dream job but at the very least he'll have some fodder for his LinkedIn profile photo. 

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