Sunday, June 12, 2016

Launchmas Eve

It seems like the night before launch is fated to have some similarities whether you're launching for fun or launching as part of a competition. It doesn't seem to matter if you're at home in Chapel Hill or in a cramped hotel room in Hickory. Equipment will mysteriously work and fail, tiny pieces will elude you, last minute engineering kludges will pop up, and lots of messes will be made.

Luckily this all comes with a side of anticipation, laughter and enthusiasm. Batteries are getting a final top up. I just put the finishing touches on Bloonz 2. In a moment I will load the TURDS, TURTLES and DONGLES into the car...along with various recovery tools that I hope we won't need. Then I'll pack a bag with a change of clothes and pretend to sleep! Woo.

We're ready for launch. Is launch ready for us?

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