Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Still at it

We are taking a break through the heat of the day, buoyed by fresh Gatorade and fresh reinforcements. David and Erick are here, and Naomi is continuing to search while we go get some lunch and maybe buy an expensive piece of equipment.
Our Pinger data is implying that the landing zone is right underneath the last SPOT location. This seems improbable in the face of such things as wind and trajectory, but... it's what we're seeing. Still no luck with triangulating, we've started setting our radios off by a couple frequency Hops and we're still playing with the squelch. At this point we're worried that we could be directly underneath the payload at various points but just can't see it with a thick canopy. To this end we may, may, may, may, buy a drone to look at things from above.
Julie is frustrated because we feel like we are so so close. On the plus side, I found the radio I lost yesterday, and we saw some cute piglets. We have also befriended the landowners, and have been given permission to stomp around in the woods, so that's one piece of anxiety off our minds.

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