Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More Quick Analysis

Another quick glance through the numbers for some initial stats:
Max internal temperature: 38.44 C (just before launch; looks like we cooked the GoPro again.)
Min external temperature: -42.9 C (at ~14627 m)
Total team-hours spent recovering: 52.75
Total team-hours of illegal child labor: 6
Face-spiderweb encounters: INTEGER_OVERFLOW
Hydrogen bloons exploded: 0
Surprise holes: 4+
Piglets sighted: 5
Trees climbed: 3
"Hobo Specials" consumed: 3
Tobacco plants harmed: 0
Pictures taken during flight: 3,357
Pictures taken: 5,969
Pictures taken of dirt (UPDATE: CORRECTION: Our field geologist points out that this is 'soil' or 'sediment,' more likely the latter): 1,903
Lines of data recorded: 27,091
Inter-team fights: 0

Almost home.