Sunday, July 16, 2017

On the Subject of Organizing

Our Google Drive needs periodic organizing passes, lest it succumb completely to the vaporous, inescapable arms of entropy; this is a natural part of the project management life cycle. I'm always of two minds about it, much in the same way that I'm conflicted about tidying the lab. Having organized workbenches and tools where you expect them to be is wonderful and, ultimately, the only way to work. However, there is something inspiring and home-y about a heaped clutter of scientific paraphernalia, scraps of metal and plastic, and partially-disemboweled electronics. From the barrow-mounds of projects long abandoned and the birthing-debris of successful tinkering rise new and exciting things. Life only rose from the primordial ooze, which I presume was quite a mess. 

Anyway, things like the image below engender both of those feelings in me: the spastic urge to FIX IT and the nostalgic delight of seeing months of collaborative work sprawled out in a semistochastic jumble.

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