Monday, July 31, 2017

"The bigger the gob the better the job."

So. We landed in Houston, TX around 7:30 AM on Sunday as planned. We grabbed some "coffee" at the airport before being herded down to claim our giant pile of rolling suitcases from baggage claim, and then hung out to wait for Jimmy for an hour or so with some people who were going on a cruise.

When Jimmy came in we hopped in the car and had the finest lunch that Houston has to offer before 11 AM on a Sunday: Jack in the Box.

Then we took the advice of a few of my Houston folk and drove over to something called the Orange Show. It was super cool and hard to explain.

It was super weird and like a million degrees but we enjoyed it. I don't know why I look like I want to cry in this photo. I could be slightly delusional. My hair looks cute, though.

Munir doesn't look like he loves orange.

After that we needed a break for some air con so we went to a doughnut shop to cool down and stall some more while we waited for DanK.

Then we drove laps around the Houston airport for an hour while we waited for Dan to disembark. He was greeted with a hearty "Koris" of, "Yi! Yi!" (as is our custom) and then we drove the 2.5 hours to Palestine.

We agreed that it was sensible to check in and then eat some dinner, it sounds like all we're doing is eating but don't worry, that's about to change, and went to an Italian restaurant that the Innkeeper recommended. During light dinner conversation we uncovered a pretty substantial flaw in our science payload which caused us to race back to the hotel to get to work on sourcing the parts for the solution. Luckily the flaw was surmountable and we knew what we needed.

As is traditional, no naps were taken.

 We lucked out and found a place outside of Dallas, TX that had the parts that we needed. We decided to take the gamble that we'd be able to integrate on Tuesday and use Monday for a tiny road trip and some GOAT patching.

Monday morning we ate an amazing breakfast at the hotel and then! Went! To! CSBF!!!!!

We got our badges, checked in with Dr. Guzik to make sure we were ok to leave for Monday, and then, regrettably, got back in the minivan.

We dropped Munir, Jimmy and Dan at the hotel to work and then DanD and I headed the 2.5 hours to Mansfield, TX.

We spent about fifteen minutes at Mouser Electronics and back in the car!!

ATM Jimmy is hand feeding us sugar snap peas, the room is covered in little bits of heat shrink, and we are listening to the Jurassic Park theme song. So, it's safe to say that things are all going according to the schedule.

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