Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post Flight Tracking

Since our GPS wasn't functioning when we launched, I have been going through our photos from the flight and plotting our path using landmarks from images matched with satellite images. Some of time I was not able to get good information, like when the balloon hit the jet stream (presumably) and was tossed around quite a bit and we didn't get clear images, but during a lot of the flight we were able to get really great images that we really fun to scan for landmarks. Here are a few examples:

Crossing over Lake Norman during ascent

Buffalo Lakes during descent
Lake Auman during descent

Some unique building roofs during descent
I will be putting together an official flight path map once I get all the data together, but here is an example of what I have been doing to track the images (and in turn the balloon flight):

Eventually I will have a full set of maps comparing the predictions from the days prior to the launch, the morning of the launch and actual flight path so stay tuned!

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