Sunday, April 24, 2016

Swarm Results

From Kory Menke, team lead:
"They just posted the results on the Swarmathon website and here are a few highlights:

Only 12 of the 23 colleges posted code, so just getting a horse, I mean rover, in the race was an accomplishment.

We collected 271 tags over the two prelim rounds, we guessed they would use some form of the power law tag distribution and from testing we thought we would get 45% of the tags and we ended up getting 53% for the preliminary rounds. 

They also had a baseline code run for the preliminary rounds that collected 29% of the tags. Our code was an improvement over the baseline run by 82% which is good but lower compared to our testing.
In the finals we collected 92% of the available tags! Below is a link the results."

The team has earned a cash prize and a trophy! We are not sure what the details will be for either of those things. Even more importantly, we'll be in a better position to apply for the physical competition if we'd like to next year. 

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